Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monster Jam Time!

In February we took Cole to his first Monster Truck show in Portland. We went with Mike and Audra and cousin Mikey. I wasn't excited to go at all, but it actually was pretty cool. Thank goodness I brought a pair of earplugs though, it was so loud that it shook your whole body! I could have done without the smell of exhaust for 2 hours, but Cole really liked it and it was well worth the drive. We got to see Jeeps race, Quads race, and one of the monster trucks, Gravedigger did a big jump and rolled all the way over- it was exciting! Woo hooo! Can we be anymore redneck??

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momb said...

You Oregon Rednecks!:) So glad to see that Cole's ears were protected. Looks like you had fun, and that's what counts.