Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Hangin out under cover in the rain
The girls and I had a great idea to ride the quads to an old homestead. We were lookin around on the ground for old stuff, and then I stepped on a board with a rusty nail on it. The next thing I know I have a board stuck to the bottom of my foot. It hurt so bad! Nurse Melissa took care of me though, we set up the hospital around the campfire so I wouldn't miss out on any of the excitement. I limped around the rest of the trip and it didn't keep me from riding the quads or fishing. I of course got a tetanus shot the day I got back so my leg wouldn't fall off. So far so good.
Apparently Cole didn't like taking off his socks and stepping into the cement for his stepping stone.

Why would you want to kiss a fish?

I don't know, but Cole sure wanted to!

We all made our own bouncy balls, it was fun! Mine came out a little lopsided though, so it bounces retarded.
Buzzly being a good camping dawg

So get this- I fished my butt off for 4 days and caught tons of fish but all small ones 6in and under. This kid that we're camping with drowns a worm and in 5 minutes he catches this one!! The stream is so small that you can't really call it a stream! I had no idea there were fish that big in there! So I switched to worm fishing and got skunked. Go figure. But dad always said something like this, "Fishing is fun even if you don't catch anything. If you catch something it's just icing on the cake" Yeah but I still want to catch the biggest one....

Fancy Roo is so sweet to Cole. Roxy-take notes!
Mommy and Cole, a picture of us for once!

Sorry Billy not a good picture of you, but ok of Cole:) ( I can't figure out how to delete it !!) I need Tunybug!
Trail riding on the quads. It was a muddy mess, but oh so fun!!
Gramzie couldn't resist putting gel on his hair and making a mohawk.
This is what happened when I went fishing and Billy babysat
Michael, Mikey, Audra, Chase, GPD, Gramzie, Tanya, Billy and Cole

Vroom Vroom!!
Taking a picture with the mountain lion bait. Sorry Sugar and Fancy:)
This little motorcycle was awesome!! I just need a basket on the front for Roxy
Beautiful sunset over our camp
This was only part of the group. Michael, Audra, Brian and Courtney left that morning. There was a total of 21 people, 16 dogs, and 7 trailers this year.
The End

*In Loving Memory*

Billy Howard Terry Sr.
He was a loving father, grandfather and great grandfather.
He will be greatly missed by us all.