Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decorating eggs for Easter

This Easter we'll be spending at Mike and Audra's house with her family. We're going to decorate and hide eggs for the kids and have lunch. Sounds exciting? Not really. I'm hoping that we'll be getting a call from our friend Bob the fisherman, that the salmon are running on the Columbia River so we can go fishing instead. So I'm secretly hoping that that will happen, but if it doesn't Cole will have fun finding eggs and eating candy. So we'll see. Pray for fish!

Cole and I decorated eggs a couple days ago and I can't get myself to throw away the dye! I had so much fun coloring them that I think I'm going to boil some more:) I know I'm such a kid, I would LOVE to get to find the eggs on Easter hoo -growing up is the pits!

Cole was very careful and only one egg got cracked during our little project:)

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momb said...

I remember when you came home in 2001, you and Tenille were so excited that we were going to have an Easter egg hunt and you guys ran around like crazy people:) Such fun!