Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cock- a- Doodle-Die!

Good news to our lovely guests at Hotel Terry. You can now sleep in when you vacation with us thanks to a good samaritan that has taken the neighbors rooster off their hands. What a very nice Christmas present to us, and to you.
Come stay and play with us real soon okay?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Seattle Ho!

Playin with great grandma Bigelow in her and grandpa's new house
Mom doing one of her poses in front of her old elementary school. We must have looked suspicious because a cop pulled up behind us and asked us what we were doing scoping out the school:) We went by her old high school, junior high and the house she remembered living in most of her childhood. It was pretty cool.

This is in front of a fountain that gets bigger and does different things to the music. After many failed attempts we finally got both of our heads in the picture so thought I'd post it seeing how much fun we had getting it. Sorry mom we'll have to get a carmel apple next time:(

Yep got the heads but left out the space needle. he he

Arrrgh matey! This one's for tuny bug to make fun of

Mommy and Cole at the top of the needle

Me and Colzie Molzie

Wait! Mom can't leave without seeing the kittys and doggies at the shelter:)

Cole had never seen a cat before

Grandma & Grandpa Bulkeley gave Cole a collection of Dr. Seuss books and we will keep getting new ones each month. We love the books. Billy reads to Cole almost every night while I'm cleaning up from dinner. Tonight he read the Cat in the Hat and One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish:) A little entertainment while I am slaving away in the kitchen

Grandma taught Cole how to climb the stairs, and when she left I had to break him of the habit. Thanks mom!

Cole loves opening and "reading" books. He really likes the little ones. He'll open one up and jibber jabber making up his own story. It's really cute.

Billys Projects

The Carport completed! Project is done now onto something else to buy/fix. What could that be? A Jeep for Cole you say? That's right-a Jeep for Cole who is 1....hmmm you telling me we'll still have it when he's old enough to drive? I'm thinking no. I could be wrong though!
This is what the inside looked like when we bought it. It had no seats or gauges or dash and as you can see all the wiring had to be done too. He actually test drove it sitting on a pait bucket!

I think it's pretty cool lookin'. I really like the color too.

He couldn't wait to get it all fixed up so we could take a ride in it as a family.

When he finally got it all put together we decided to take it to Albany which is @20 miles away. First, there weren't enough seatbelts. So being the man, he gave up his and put it in the passenger side for me. What a guy! The ride was really bumpy. So bumpy that we opened a can of pop to share and within 5 minutes it was completely flat! I described the comfort level as being in one of those 3rd world countries on a bus with chickens on top. I know it probably sounds like I'm poking fun, but I really do like it although it's not the most comfortable vehicle, and Billy enjoys it so that's all that matters anyway. Happy Christmas, Birthday and next Christmas Billy!

First Halloween remembered

The morning after with all his "loot" that mom and dad pilfered through and ate most of the good stuff already. Hey it's probably the only year we'll get to do that

He enjoyed his first sucker very much

Pictures before trick or treating for the 2nd time that day. First we went with Autumn and Reagan downtown. All the shops hand out candy and there's a bazillion people, but it's fun and you get all sorts of candy! We will go every year! Cole was such a trooper. He didn't fuss at all and we stayed out until about 8:30 with Amanda and Brandon and their kids. Billy pulled the wagon so that was easier than carrying him the whole time.

His favorite part was when the people would let him pick his own candy. He would take forever! Everyone was really nice about it though.
First Halloween remembered-accomplished!

They say it's your birthday....

Cole Terry is 1!
Cole Terry the zombie didn't really want to have anything to do with his cake! He ate just a smidgin of the frosting and none of the cake. He got just enough on himself for some good pictures (which by the way I can't find so sorry there's not more of his big day)

Albert and Janice came from Grants Pass and Grandma Linda, Dave and Chase came from California for the festivities.

The bounce house was a hit!
I think the adults liked it more than the kids even

It was a race theme party...

Had to take a couple pictures before the hoards of people came

Let the party begin!
Cole refused to take a nap that morning, so he was kinda out of it the whole time. Lets just say he wasn't his normal happy self. Figures! He probably could sense that something was happening and didn't want to miss anything. Well I guess it's your birthday baby and today you can do whatever you want! We sure love the Colzie Molzie!

Fun on my bike

We shot this after Cole kept falling and hitting his head on the floor. We thought the helmet would help and it did! He didn't even cry when he crashed. Yay!

Camping at the Oregon Dunes- Sept. '08

Billys Aunt Sis and Uncle Chuck were visiting from Idaho and we met them at the coast for a weekend of camping and riding. I think there's like some 90 acres of dunes to ride on. Is alot of fun for riders that aren't afraid to ride (I am) who like to go fast and jump (not I.) The weather was great so Sis and I played games at camp and watched movies in their motorhome when the guys were hogging the quads:) You know me I'm always up for games!!
This was our lovely camp. There wasn't anyone around us all weekend. Maybe we scared them away with our child and abnoxious barking dog. Good go somewhere else you bums!

Here is a pic of Billys aunt and uncle.

Playing around in a sand bowl...

Gosh I look like such a dork when I ride! Kinda like Ms. Gulch on the Wizard of Oz. "Dun Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuhhh!"
Oh and did I tell you that I almost died? Billy warned me " watch out you can be going straight and all of a sudden there could be a cliff you don't see...blah blah" whatever I didn't believe him as always. So I followed Sis the whole way into the dunes, then she parked, said she was tired, so I went off by myself. I wasn't gone 1 minute and I took a hard nose dive down a cliff about 10 feet down (felt like 50). My helmet hit the bars, my knees hit the bike (good thing I didn't flip that would have been embarrassing!) I was ok, but that scared me so bad! Once Sis saw that I wasn't hurt she couldn't stop rolling laughing. After that I played follow the leader the rest of the time because it really freaked me out. Sounds fun huh? Now I'm back to being a granny rider.

Show off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cole worked on his getting filthy dirty, walking and falling down skills.

So this little pod thingy was the best camping necessity for Cole. Just plop him in there, throw in a couple toys and graham crackers and you're good for a hour or so. Are we having fun yet? Yes, until he started throwing all of his toys out into the dirt. Not a fun game at all!

Summer Fun Terry Style

Cole was so funny on this trike. He got going so fast at one point we started having him wear a helmet because he was falling so much. I'll post a video of this one time I got it on tape. Stay tuned!
We took Cole to the fair this year. No one wanted to feed the llama but me. Why? I don't know. How can you pass up an opportunity like that?

We especially liked the petting zoo. There were lots of neat animals in there, like this extra hairy donkey.

The horsey goes "Neighhhhhh"

This is why I stopped listening to the Dr. and the books " Give your child a chance to feed himself at every meal" Yeah right! He's one now and I STILL don't let him because this is what happens!

Cole with his BF Reagan in her swimming pool. I know these are all from the summer, but I thought since it's been so long since I've posted anything, that I should start where I left off. Good idea? I think so too.

I guess Cole finally got tired of watching his dad blow every single leaf off the front yard:)

The hard working man slaving away on the carport.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Hangin out under cover in the rain
The girls and I had a great idea to ride the quads to an old homestead. We were lookin around on the ground for old stuff, and then I stepped on a board with a rusty nail on it. The next thing I know I have a board stuck to the bottom of my foot. It hurt so bad! Nurse Melissa took care of me though, we set up the hospital around the campfire so I wouldn't miss out on any of the excitement. I limped around the rest of the trip and it didn't keep me from riding the quads or fishing. I of course got a tetanus shot the day I got back so my leg wouldn't fall off. So far so good.
Apparently Cole didn't like taking off his socks and stepping into the cement for his stepping stone.

Why would you want to kiss a fish?

I don't know, but Cole sure wanted to!

We all made our own bouncy balls, it was fun! Mine came out a little lopsided though, so it bounces retarded.
Buzzly being a good camping dawg

So get this- I fished my butt off for 4 days and caught tons of fish but all small ones 6in and under. This kid that we're camping with drowns a worm and in 5 minutes he catches this one!! The stream is so small that you can't really call it a stream! I had no idea there were fish that big in there! So I switched to worm fishing and got skunked. Go figure. But dad always said something like this, "Fishing is fun even if you don't catch anything. If you catch something it's just icing on the cake" Yeah but I still want to catch the biggest one....

Fancy Roo is so sweet to Cole. Roxy-take notes!
Mommy and Cole, a picture of us for once!

Sorry Billy not a good picture of you, but ok of Cole:) ( I can't figure out how to delete it !!) I need Tunybug!
Trail riding on the quads. It was a muddy mess, but oh so fun!!
Gramzie couldn't resist putting gel on his hair and making a mohawk.
This is what happened when I went fishing and Billy babysat
Michael, Mikey, Audra, Chase, GPD, Gramzie, Tanya, Billy and Cole

Vroom Vroom!!
Taking a picture with the mountain lion bait. Sorry Sugar and Fancy:)
This little motorcycle was awesome!! I just need a basket on the front for Roxy
Beautiful sunset over our camp
This was only part of the group. Michael, Audra, Brian and Courtney left that morning. There was a total of 21 people, 16 dogs, and 7 trailers this year.
The End