Friday, February 29, 2008

My Wagon

Great Grandpa Terry made this wagon for Cole and he had a blast riding in it. Billy took him for a ride to the mailbox and he didn't make a peep! So now at night when we can't get him happy, we just plop him in his bumbo in the wagon and take him for a ride all around the house! Weeeee!

Coles debut in his big boy overalls

We had a tea party when Grammie Linda came to visit in February. So if that's not girly enough, we had to top it off with a princess crown.

He likes to get worn out on his bouncy chair. But if you look away for too long, he will fuss until you give him your undivided attention. Then he talks and smiles...but turn your head for a second, and he's not happy. Such a silly boy:)

This was taken the day after his 4 month shots. Grammie Linda got him this cute onesie that says Rock Star, so I set up for some pics. Immediately after I took them, he had a major blow out and had it all up his back of course. 20 wipes later, the new outfit went in the hamper, and we were on to outfit #2 for the day!
Cousin Mikey keeps wondering when Cole will be big enough to play with him. He sure loves him, he's always wanting to hold him and give him love. So precious. Cole can't wait to meet his other cousins when he comes to California in May!

My first swimming experience

Our friends daughter had her birthday party at the aquatic center, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce Cole to the water. BAD IDEA!! He was absolutely hysterical and I couldn't even stop him from freaking out. Little did we know that the pool next to this one was 91 degrees, and he would have been fine in there, but this one was just too cold for him. Poor thing. I changed him into dry clothes and he settled down, but once we went back to the pool area he started screaming again. Hopefully we didn't damage him too much because we really want to start him in swimming classes when he's 6 months.....

This is me all bundled up!
It snowed at our house! It came down for about a week straight, and Cole and I were snowed in:) We couldn't go anywhere because the roads were icy and slick, so we just had fun inside together and bundled up if we went outside.