Friday, May 30, 2008

Like the new blog??! Youre welcome ;0) Love you Tans! Say hi to that cute little boy for me! miss you xoxo, Sis :0)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Trip To California

Weeee! Swingin in the park for the first time
Sharing toys with Paige. At first she wasn't very interested in Cole but after a little while she started talking to him and playing with him. She was always asking to hold him, actually all the little kids did:) They were so cute. We will always have a babysitter when we come to Bakersfield!
Another first- going down a slide
The Bulkeley sisters together again
Mom and all her girls together for Mothers Day. Aren't we a cute bunch?
Cole's first time in a real swimming pool. He had so much fun. He really liked this little floaty thing that grandma had. I thought because the water wasn't very warm that he wouldn't do very well. But he did fine, and we stayed in until his little fingers and toes were like raisins:)
Cousin Savannah and Cole

Cousin Andie and Baby Cole. We had a good time hanging out with Brittany and the sisters. We went to the park and had lots of time to catch up with each other. Brittany and Thad's baby is on the way. Will it be a boy???

Hey Grandpa you don't have anything for me to play with

Cole playing with Great Grandma Richard's necklace

Gramzie couldn't wait for Cole to come visit her and GPD

We went swimming in the kiddie pool. The sunshine was sooo nice for a change!
I'm so hot!
At the Harley ride with GPD
Cole and Nancy Quaid

We visited our friend Curt and got to see his plane and helicopter. It was so funny we showed up and there was a huge helicopter parked in his front yard! You don't see that every day
Cole got to meet his Grandpa Bulkeley for the first time. He loved just sitting with him and didn't make a peep once.
Fancy and Sugar loved little Cole too. They would lick him all over his face and he was entertained by watching them run all around the house.
Cole in his backpack. You can put him in there for hours and forget he's up there because he is so quiet! He's a cool dude in this picture with his Harley do rag on.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful trip! Thank you all for Billy's birthday parties. We really enjoyed ourselves and got to relax with you all. Can't wait to do it again!!