Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Billys a working man

If you're wondering why Billy is seldom in any of my pictures it's because he's onto his next project, "Project Carport"

He comes in the house to eat dinner, then it's back outside to work. We'll have a nice addition to our home when he's done, then it's off to his next project.

Here he is with Nacho (seriously it's his name) pouring concrete to stabalize one of 6 posts of the HUGE carport.

Havin fun at the beach!

We sure had a fun visit with grandma. We hope she comes back again real soon! Maybe next time she'll bring grandpa:)
It was hard work hitting all the second hand stores in Newport, whew! So we had to fill up with tin roof Blizzards from Dairy Queen. Oh darn!

How would you like to wait for your school bus in here? It was lovely inside too:)

"We're the only one's here!!"

We looked for shells, found some china hats and dead jelly fish.

Mom, Cole and I. Mom couldn't believe there wasn't a SOUL on the beach but us. It looks cold, but it wasn't that bad. The sun didn't come out, but we were just happy that it wasn't raining on us! The forcast called for rain that day, but mom was leaving so we went anyways. Good thing because it was great weather for the coast. That's the thing with Oregon, you just never know.....

Colzie and me in Newport, OR.

Cole just started eating vegetables when grandma was here. We tried green beans:(, sweet potatoes:) and of course he always likes his rice cereal.

We did pedicures and paraffin wax treatments on our hands and feet. We even got billy to try it. Shh he said he hopes no one finds out he did it...

Cole loved playing with grandma especially when she was silly

Which was alot!

Grandma B's Visit

Grandma came to see us and we had so much fun! She couldn't believe what a "easy" baby Cole is, and we trucked him all around the countryside and he did great!
Here they are the first morning she was here.