Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Going ons

Billy and Cole on the tractor getting the ground ready for the backyard. First they rototilled, removed the rocks, laid down the grass seed, and now we have to water it every night until the grass comes in. Once we have grass we'll be putting up a fence and then Cole will have a nice area to play in. yay!
Cole absolutely loves to go outside. We can't even say the "o" word around him or he'll not stop talking about going "outside" over and over and over again. Billy takes him on the riding lawn mower when he mows and Cole loves this too. Now he constantly says "mow dada" it's funny.

Here's Saber Tooth my new quad. We've taken it on 2 camping trips so far and I already have 200 miles on it. We have alot of fun going together as a fam. Cole rides with Billy and I tag along in the dust. The first thing Cole does when he goes outside when we're camping is climb onto dads quad and say "bye bye dada" which means take me for a ride please!!! So we've logged many miles with Cole.

Just a silly picture of Colezie Molezie

Cole stuck in the laundry basket:)


Tenille Gates said...

It was SO fun to see youguys! Im glad we had the chance to meet up :0) We must do it more often! Did uguys end up going to burney falls? You should post some pics from the trip ;0) Love you Tans ♥

Tara Krumm said...

Cute boy he is going to have so much fun in the backyard or meadow as I would call it. Hope you had a wonderful 4th. Love you and miss you.

momb said...

I didn't even know that you had a new blog!! So fun to see pics of what you guys are doing:) Love you and miss you tons!!!!! Thanks for sharing.