Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fishing @ Foster Lake

A couple months ago we bought a little 14 ft. fishing boat. Since we've had it we have only missed one weekend of fishing on the lake catching my favorite fishy- the rainbow trout. It's cool because Cole loves being in the boat. We give him a bucket of rocks that he can toss overboard whenever he wants to, and we give him any goodie or candy he wants. It works like a charm! We've been out all day until it's almost dark and Cole is still a trooper even without a nap, which is quite amazing. We're learning the techniques of trolling, I know we grew up making fun of people who do this kind of fishing. "Fishing at it's finest" as dad would say, but hey at least we're not bobber fishing, not yet anyways:) Well it works for us and Cole likes it so I guess that's all that matters. Its fun times spent together and we pull out nice 12 inchers all day long. Woo hoo! I even cleaned a fish for the first time last weekend.
It was soooo easy, I should have done that a long time ago!!!

Girls Weekend in Bend!!

My friend Autumn and I got to take a break and go to Bend Oregon for the weekend. It was my Valentine's present from Billy, while he took Cole camping with Mike and Mikey. We stayed in a rustic lodge at a ranch and had tons of fun. We went skiing at Hoodoo and ate lots of yummy food that we didn't have to cook. It was nice to have a couple days to do whatever we wanted and relax. Even though I was sick, it was sooo much fun! Check out the view!

Little Kicker Cole

Little Kickers is a class for kids at the soccer park here in Corvallis. It mainly tries- ha ha- to teach kids to pay attention and to take direction and to have fun doing it. Billy wanted to do it with him on Saturdays, and I had to take him twice. He was really good when Billy took him, but when I did he was Horrible! He wouldn't listen to me or the coach, and I kept looking at the clock wishing the class was over. Here is one of the classes I came to to get some pictures. Of course it was a good day. I think we'll take a long break before we do this again...

Getting his hand stamped at the end of class

Camping 2010 Newport Oregon

This is what it's like after a storm on the coast. Beautiful blue skies and nice sunny warm weather. It sure was nice, and as most of you know, doesn't happen very often. When Mom, Tara, Paige and Tenille visited the weather was good too, we sure lucked out that week:)

Anyways, we like to camp at Beverly Beach out of Newport Oregon because its a easy walk to the beach. This day we found some shells but mostly agates that came to shore by the storm.

On this weekend camping trip I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in years and started & finished a painting of a duck. My friend Shaunette who we went camping with, turned her trailer into an artist studio. I put Cole to bed in our trailer, and kicked the guys outside and we had alot of fun painting. I am now inspired to do some more.

Decorating eggs for Easter

This Easter we'll be spending at Mike and Audra's house with her family. We're going to decorate and hide eggs for the kids and have lunch. Sounds exciting? Not really. I'm hoping that we'll be getting a call from our friend Bob the fisherman, that the salmon are running on the Columbia River so we can go fishing instead. So I'm secretly hoping that that will happen, but if it doesn't Cole will have fun finding eggs and eating candy. So we'll see. Pray for fish!

Cole and I decorated eggs a couple days ago and I can't get myself to throw away the dye! I had so much fun coloring them that I think I'm going to boil some more:) I know I'm such a kid, I would LOVE to get to find the eggs on Easter hoo -growing up is the pits!

Cole was very careful and only one egg got cracked during our little project:)

Monster Jam Time!

In February we took Cole to his first Monster Truck show in Portland. We went with Mike and Audra and cousin Mikey. I wasn't excited to go at all, but it actually was pretty cool. Thank goodness I brought a pair of earplugs though, it was so loud that it shook your whole body! I could have done without the smell of exhaust for 2 hours, but Cole really liked it and it was well worth the drive. We got to see Jeeps race, Quads race, and one of the monster trucks, Gravedigger did a big jump and rolled all the way over- it was exciting! Woo hooo! Can we be anymore redneck??

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Going ons

Billy and Cole on the tractor getting the ground ready for the backyard. First they rototilled, removed the rocks, laid down the grass seed, and now we have to water it every night until the grass comes in. Once we have grass we'll be putting up a fence and then Cole will have a nice area to play in. yay!
Cole absolutely loves to go outside. We can't even say the "o" word around him or he'll not stop talking about going "outside" over and over and over again. Billy takes him on the riding lawn mower when he mows and Cole loves this too. Now he constantly says "mow dada" it's funny.

Here's Saber Tooth my new quad. We've taken it on 2 camping trips so far and I already have 200 miles on it. We have alot of fun going together as a fam. Cole rides with Billy and I tag along in the dust. The first thing Cole does when he goes outside when we're camping is climb onto dads quad and say "bye bye dada" which means take me for a ride please!!! So we've logged many miles with Cole.

Just a silly picture of Colezie Molezie

Cole stuck in the laundry basket:)